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"China Four Sea Gearbox was established in 1988. It is a professional manufacturer of gear boxes and gear reducers. It is a member of China Reducer Industry Association. The company has passed ISO9001: 2015 international quality management system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification and CE product certification..

We have an area of construction of the factory 60,000 square meters. In recent years, it has required more than 30 million yuan to buy more than thirty precision machines with CNC, more than 200 different mechanical machines. The company's core funds are more than 500 million yuan.

The company specializes in the production of more than ten series, hundreds of models, thousands of product specifications such as the R series screw gear gearbox, series S screw worm gearbox, series F parallel shaft screw gearbox, Series K screw conical gearbox, seriesT screw conical steering gear gearbox, Series H, Series B high-powerindustrial gearbox, SWL series screw worm lift, series of zLYJ extruder, Series G fully closed gearbox, P planetary series gearbox, series of zdy cylindrical conical gearbox. We also offer professional non-standard design and custom-made design.Since 2012, we have provided OEM / ODM services to our global peers.

Professional talents of science and technology, scientific management system, strong economic strength, pre-processing equipment and ideal after-sales service, make products "Four Sea" popular at home and abroad. Our products are sold throughout the country and our products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as USA, Russia, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Kenya, etc.

Company products

Aiming for high quality, we create more and more perfect and better products for you.

 Production capacity

The spirit of ingenuity inherits quality, and innovative technologies promote business growth that reflect the strength of the enterprise

Gearbox Factory

Group panorama

Aerial view of the plant "FOUR SEA transmission"

Factory panorama

Factory Workshop

Workshop with Corporation

Real photo of the shop with "FOUR SEA transmission"

Numerical control

Horizontal processing center

Machining Center

Haitian Manufacturing Center with

Machining Center

Imported toothmill

High-level imported tooth grinding machine

High-precision imported toothgrinding machine, at the leading level in China

grinding machine

Tooth-polishing machine with

Precision toothgrinding machine with

Tsingchuan" tooth mill with high precision

Precision tooth grinding machine with

Vertical machining center

Vertical machining center

New vertical machining center unit

New vertical machining center unit

Gear detector

Coordinate Measuring Instrument

Precision Coordinate Measuring Instrument

Coordinate Measuring Instrument

High quality digital device

Precision Lathe

Real photos of a athe in workshop No. 22

High-precision numerical control lathe

High level gear cutting machine

High precision gear rolling machine

Ningjiang High Precision CNC Gear Rolling Machine

High precision gear rolling machine

Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine

Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine

Kunming KIMI machine tool is a high-level CNC boring and milling machine, its imported CNC system and four-axis coupling significantly improve the accuracy of box processing.

Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine

 22-ый Цех редуктора

Reducer No. 22 workshop

Photo panorama of the 22nd "FOUR SEA"

Reducer No. 22 workshop"

Crankcase stocks

Warehouse of semi-manufactory crankcase

Semi-finished gear housing

materials warehouse

Post-sales service

The commitment to providing customers with high-quality services, the desire to meet the needs of customers is our unfailing goal.

Guarantee period:

Within 18 months of the product being shipped or within 12 months of using the product

Guarantee content:

During the warranty period, in accordance with the requirements of the Operating Instructions, as well as with the correct operation and operating conditions, the fault caused by the unmatched quality of the product refers to the warranty content.

After sales service:

1. A malfunction caused by an incorrect connection between the product installation and other devices.
2. A malfunction caused by incorrect installation and operation is not in accordance with operating instructions.
3. A malfunction caused by the use of an off-the-specification and a malfunction caused by the use of lubricants not recommended by our company.
4. A malfunction caused by an incorrect device connection or a special specification.
5. A malfunction caused by the transformation of this product or a change in structure.
6. A malfunction caused by a mismatch of the parts chosen by the user .
7. Faults caused by external factors or natural disasters and other insurmountable disasters.
8. Under normal operating conditions, natural wear, aging bearings, sash and other worn-out parts.

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